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Adult Massage London is a type of service that our gorgeous masseuses offer at Alessia Massage. It will pamper your body, awaken your senses and relaxes your mind after a long a stressful day. If all you want to do is explore a new level of relaxation this kind of massage is the solution. Book your appointment today and you will not regret it!

Born in 1996 from a passion for massage, well-being as a lifestyle Monde du Massage with Alessia Massage wants to establish a knowledge and quality of service while creating a urban environment, but close to modern and ancestral values, a service that everyone dreams and could finally afford it.

Who do the adult massage in London ?

Professional masseuse since 20 years, Alessia Adult massage  London complete their knowledge of massage in different country in Europe and China and allso practice and teach Yoga and Aikido.

Our girls speak English, French and Spanish. We work mostly with international tantric massage london masseuses but this is not a rule. Everyone is welcome at our place as long as the massage is done with passion and respect for our customers. At Alessia Massage we are proud to say that we work with the best in this business.

Alessia massage offers different kind of adult massage, your choice of massage is chosen after a discution to clearly define your expectations and massage as well as know what type of massage your body needs!

Monde du Massage with Alessia massage offers a range of massage World carefully selected to offer a full range of massages! They are been provided by international models, or students, but we also work with more mature therapists, that know what senses to awake.

Stress, fatigue and intense one of our adult massage can relieve the body and mind through the magic touch. Go for tantric or erotic massage by Alessia.

You can book your massage Monday to Sunday 10 am to 22 pm, phone (0790) 455-1109

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Alessia Massage team! 

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