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Do you need a full body massage in London or massage Westminster? Alessia Massage is the right massage business for you. We are a team of massage experts that offer affordable full body massage in a peaceful and relaxing environment. Whether you come to us for stress reduction or pain management, we do a great job making your body and mind feel as good as new. There is nothing we enjoy more than helping our customers feel rejuvenated and ready to take on each day with as little tension as possible.

It is a natural process for our bodies to gain tension and feel achy over time. This is especially true if you have a physically demanding job. Our aches easing techniques work at relaxing your muscles by allowing you to do nothing but lay back for a few hours and let our massage therapists do the work. You can let us work on your entire body, or on an individual part of your body that you feel needs special attention. No matter what kind of massage we do, you can be sure it will restore your energy in no time.

We charge you for your massage by the hour. In addition to being one of the cheapest massage businesses in all of London, we are always offering regular discounts and deals, including package deals for our ongoing customers. We are in this business to help others treat their bodies they way they should be treated. It does not matter if you are claiming a gift from a loved one or coming to us on your own dime, we treat every customer with extreme care and respect. You are the reason we are in this business.

Treat your body with care when you get a full body massage from  Alessia Massage In London!

Our professional massage therapists cannot wait to meet you!

The Full Body Massage In London Treatment

The treatment takes place clothed, on a futon on the floor although other options are available if floor work is challenging for you. What to ExpectFollowing an opportunity to discuss any symptoms or issues, the practitioner may use any of the following techniques during the session.

  • relaxed pressure applied with hands and fingers to areas of the body that require attention.
  • gentle stretches of the limbs to open the meridian pathways
  • mobilisation of joints

Full Body Massage in London can be deep or feather light .The work on you can be feather light or really deep. Both methods affect your internal organs, bones and tendons. If appropriate the practitioner may work completely off the body harmonising the vital field that surrounds you. Each session will be different as the treatment is tailored precisely to your specific needs. Your physical and emotional condition, your build and your age are all taken carefully into account. Timing The Full Body Massage in London treatment itself normally takes about 40 minutes, after which there is time to discuss any thoughts, feelings or observations that have arisen during the session. What to wear and bring Please wear loose, preferrably cotton clothing that covers your legs and arms (eg. tracksuit bottoms and a long sleeved top); and socks. A bottle of water is helpful to re-hydrate and clear toxins that have been released during the Full body massage session

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