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Lomi Lomi massage London is a unique form of massage originating from Hawaii and Polynesia.

It is practiced on a massage table, with clients being covered by a sarong over the buttocks and groin/genitals. It is a full body massage with the hands and forearms being used to apply long flowing strokes. These strokes may go from full length, across the body, under the body and flow randomly being different for each hand.

The pressure applied is strong and broad giving the recipient space to relax, calm the mind and release tensions, emotions, pain, outdated belief systems and any holding occurring in the physical and energetic body. This gives us the space to step into our own healing.

The massage allows our natural flow and rhythm to be re-established. Anywhere where we are not flowing in our lives will manifest as blockage or tension being held in the body. This may be in muscles, organs, meridians or fascia, joints, skin, bones, tendons or ligaments. The flowing treatment allows the whole body to release held tension.

The native Hawaiian island people worked from their hearts with their intuition. This is an aspect that makes lomi lomi massage London unique and special.

Whether it is to deal with existing symptoms, health problems or the daily stress of survival you have come to the right place. If your desire runs to a deeper level such as to heal or find alignment spiritually, mentally and physically then you definitely are in the right place. Healing encompasses spirit, mind and body in that order.There is no separation between them. Healing, health and happiness are tied in with where we are on our inner and outer life journeys. Not where we will be or where we wish to be, nor where we were or should be. It has to do with this moment and where we are right now. Is there gratitude, thanks and appreciation for where we are and what we have presently or is the focus on what we don’t have?

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