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When you visit the London tantric temple you will enter our beautifully decorated ambient oasis. You will be greeted by your Tantric Goddess, your guide on your tantric journey who will lead you into our sacred temple space. This is where you move into tantric time and let go of the outside world. After showering, you will be invited to sit comfortably for a consultation. You will be asked some questions about your general health and the program processes will be fully explained to you.

To make a deeper connection with your Tantric Goddess before the massage you will be taken through an attunement. You will connect with her through breath and touch, bringing you into the present moment, out of your head and into the sensations in the body. The Alessia Massage incorporates deep relaxation techniques and warm oils in a relaxed environment that enables you to relax into a deep meditative state. The Alessia massage North London is taught EXCLUSIVLY by the Alessia Masage  Head Office in London.

You will learn how to relax your breathing and move the energy in your body with the strokes of the masseuse. Indian Head and face massage will be given as well as hand, palm and finger massage.

This session is an introduction to one of the main principles of tantra, the chakra system. You will also be taught how to control and move your sexual energy by using the pelvic floor muscles and the breath. Your Tantric therapist will take you on an inward journey of learning and discovery by imparting to you

essential knowledge regarding your chakra system whilst massaging you in these areas. You will learn what your chakras represent, how they can best be activated and if there are blockages. As we progress upward through the energy centres, we learn more about who we are and the ideas and attitudes that form our lives.

The Chakras Tantric Goddess

The chakras are vortexes of moving energy located all over the body. There are seven main chakras. These are located along our central channel, the first at our genitals and the seventh at the crown of the head. Although they cannot be seen when dissecting the physical body they are energy so are located in our subtle, energetic body. The location of these seven chakras corresponds to the main glands in the body. When these glands are stimulated they secrete hormones into the blood system, which affect our bodily functions, feelings and emotions. The chakras are the key to physical health, emotional stability and mental clarity.

When they are out of balance with each other this is usually indicated by an imbalance either in our physical bodies or in an area of our lives. When we begin the journey into our Chakras we open the way for rebalancing our lives, spiritual growth and healing our bodies and minds. This session gives the client the opportunity to connect with the Tantric Massage North London practitioner and discuss any issues which relate to the chakra that the Goddess is working on, thus is becomes a Chakra counseling session.

It is important that you come to the session with an open mind and are willing to fully participate, answering questions as fully as you are able. This will help your therapist to identify any imbalances in you and then be able to offer you guidance in healing and improving any areas of your life that you are dissatisfied with or are not reaching there full potential. The Tantra practitioners are fully equipped to deal with breakdowns, blockages as well as dynamic realizations and enlightenments.

You will be introduced in this session to tantric ejaculation control techniques and the powerful benefits of orgasm control. The exercises that you will learn will prepare you for level 2 when you will practice ‘advanced’ INJACULATION techniques in order to improve your orgasmic energy. This is an immaculate way to begin your journey through Tantra Massage. AlLESSIA MASAGE TANTRA MASSAGE is a very easeful way to learn this ancient and sacred sexual method.

Tantric Massage North London, Tantra Practitioner Training.

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