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For massage services appointments you can call us on 0790 455 1109 For morning appointments please give 24 hours notice, you can phone me Alessia  to book the appointments from 12 p.m. usually, last appointment 3 a.m. ending at 4a.m.

  • Tantric Services

Tantric massage London, includes massage done on a therapy couch, using plain massage oil, unscented, low lights, candle lights, soft music, relaxing, sensual, stimulating, erotic, and tantalising, by naked masseuse. we include the core of tantra breath techniques in order to a access your potential. It includes body to body massage, lingam/penis massage. we can show you how to have a whole body orgasm through this practice!

  • Lingam massage

This is the sanskrit word for penis, it has its own chakras, massaging the area slowly, very sensually stimulating, and building this amazing energy, can take you to high peaks of sheer ecstasy! – as these peaks build up we can start and stop, throughout it is by experiencing these high peaks that you learn the core of tantra breath, through guided meditation, your masseuse will show you how to integrate the energies, and to spread the energy build up, or if you prefer to release it as a tantric orgasm! very helpfull for men who suffer from premature ejaculation, Tantra breath/visualisation/meditation can be incorporated to strengthen a mans ability to achieve prolonged states of pure pleasure bliss, and improve personal relationships. It is one of the best massage services that you can experience.*

  • Yoni massage

Yoni means flower, the essence of woman!- yoni massage can be very usefull for pure sheer pleasure for the female, but in tantra it can be used to arouse, stimulate, increase libido, and sex hormones. women who have sex blockages, or who have never orgasmed, have been able to release fears of intimacy, or letting go, through yoni massage, it must be done slowly and sensitively

  • Tie and tease or role play

Massage with tie and tease, Fantasy role play, massage can be fun, when incorporated with some additional fantasies you may like to be acted out. it also adds aditional spice to your tie and tease, prostate massage and tie and tease included.


Sessions and Donations

Worried that you get ripped off over here? Not a chance!With us, getting fair prices for your sexual enjoyment is a priority. That is why we advertised our sessions and donations clearly so that you can compare prices to other providers and see if you are getting value for money. Remember to take a look at our masseuses and you will know why you have arrived at the right place!

For all types of sessions, you will experience: Vocalizing pleasure, Pelvic rocking, Pelvic floor squeeze, Lingham (genital) massage/Prostate massage, Ejaculation control guidance!Please note that our masseuses do not provide any form of penetrative sex. Through every session, you will be able to connect deeply with them and we are sure that that mind connection that Tantra offers will be even more satisfying than the ‘normal’ sex. Our masseuses are also all well trained practitioners who care for every of your needs. We will also offer the assurance that your confidentiality is well kept with us from the initial booking to the end of the session. Your safety and security is our priority and we will not allow any such doubt to arise in this regard.


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For more information, do not hesitate to contact us as we will furnish with you with the best of our knowledge on the session you are interested in. We also welcome that you discuss any inhibition with us as we are ready to accommodate to your needs.

Offered as the extra service for those who wish to caress the body of the masseuse while she is performing massage for you. Please note that this is exclusive of the intimate parts of the masseuse’s body and be respectful to her personal boundaries at all times.

If you wish to tailor make your massage session, please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

We are always happy to answer your questions about erotic massage services that we provide. If, in spite our best effort to provide you with the most complete information on the agency website something still remains unclear, you are welcome to give us a call.

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