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All NURU Massage London Alessia treatments are tailored to your individual desires. Each treatment includes one full bottle of authentic imported Japanese massage London recipe NURU Gel and one black protective mat for your exclusive usage. The NURU Massage Alessia also features a sexy soapy massage introduction and an exquisite lingerie-to-nude striptease.

An erotic body-to-body Nuru massage London experience with me is one that is guaranteed not to be your typical, unimaginative “rub and tug.” Alessia massage sessions are unique because our masseuse synthesize their diverse background, experiences, and skills into an intense, focused channel of sensual energy. You will receive a 100% present London. By that I mean someone who is not jaded, worn out, or mechanically operated. Instead, you will be pampered by someone who is charismatic, caring, and full of positive loving energy. The amount of physical and mental energy that I expend in our body-to-body NURU slide massage session will astound you. This body rub experience is all about providing you with a courtesan style sensual pampering, so lay back and enjoy…. the pleasure you receive will be of an intensity you have never even imagined. I am soft, gentle, slow, and seductive… something a bit different than the mainstream experience…it’s about time you achieved the pinnacle of pleasure…

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The term Nuru massage London refers to a traditional Japanese full body massage technique , in which usually both parties are completely unclothed. The Nuru massage is therefore to the erotic massage counted. The word Nuru originates from the Japanese and means “slippery / smooth”. An essential and eponymous part of Nuru massage is the use of mostly odorless and tasteless massage oil, Nuru gel, which derived from the leaves of nori seaweed becomes. The gel is applied at the beginning of massage over a large area on the body of the person to be treated. During the massage is attempting to have the widest possible physical contact between the bodies, often by the masseuse with her  entire body places on person to be treated to. Here strong touch sensations are triggered that are designed to reduces stress. Not infrequently, the Nuru massage is associated with sexual activity. In order to cool down the body of the people involved are not too strong during the application, the massage is often performed in specially heated room, such as a steam bath or the gel previously heated to an appropriate temperature. Classic Nuru gel is colorless and odorless and tasteless.


The origin of the Nuru Massage is located in Japan. There, this Asian form of massage is performed by geishas to relaxation and happiness to the hard work to donate and to regain strength for the tasks ahead. Even then, the special characteristics of deep sea algae were used to produce a very slippery gel. Like the tantric massage belongs Nuru Massage to the erotic massage techniques. The Tantric massage has its origins in Buddhism and Hinduism and is very spiritual. Nuru, however, is less spiritual. However, both massages are designed to obtain passion and sexual energy in order to bundle deep relaxation, contentment and inner balance. The Nuru massage is much sexual and is therefore referred to as the queen of erotic massages. The success of the massage can also be explained that way. Been a brothel visits were considered immoral. The Nuru massage is very much purer than paid sex. It begins with a cleansing ritual, followed by a body to body massage where the masseuse always has the upper hand and determines how far the massage goes. A good Geisha exudes fun and good humor, it allowed to laugh. The massage is a sexy game is that much more intimate and passionate, but also much moral as paid sex. Thus is Nuru massage London as an alternative to immoral brothel visits. The Nuru massage  was applied very early in Thailand, which she is often referred to as erotic Thai massage. The original Nuru Gel is now no longer produced in Japan, but in Thailand.

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