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This privacy policy outlines rules and practices of using of the personal information that you share with the massage parlour. At all times we are committed to ensure that your privacy is treated accordingly and is never infringed. All information that we gather from you is treated according to the rules stated in this document.

Being an upscale London massage parlour, we are accustomed to dealing with executive clientele and understand what your privacy means to you. We fully understand your privacy concerns and are seriously determined to guard it as our own. However to ensure the safety and security of our personnel, we need to verify your identity in order to be able to organize a massage booking for you. For these purposes, and for these purposes only do we require certain information about you.

This information includes your residential or hotel address, full with the postcode, flat or room number, full name and landline telephone number. Please be advised that in some cases we might ask you for other details as well. If we will not be able to successfully verify your identity, you will be refused a massage booking. All personal details that you give to the massage parlour will be known only to our receptionist and your masseuse.

If you require, the masseuse can dress very casually when coming to your hotel or home to protect your privacy even further and to eliminate any possibility of hotel stuff or your neighbors suspects (though hotel personnel rarely cares).

It is our responsibility to keep your private details discretely and to delete them once your massage session s complete and the masseuse had left your premises. We are not storing your details for any future reference, unless you explicitly ask us to do so, and we never use your contact details, such as phone number or email address for marketing purposes or any other purposes not related directly to the organization of your massage booking with us.

We understand that your position in the business world and the integrity of your life may be in danger due to the careless or negligent treatment of your personal details. We always strive to protect your privacy by all available means.

We are only legally required to disclose your name and address in case of criminal offence taking place, but in all other circumstances your details are absolutely safe with us.

Our website does not use cookies or any other means of tracking your internet activity, but it is your responsibility to clean the browsing history on your computer or mobile device that you use to access the Alessia massage parlour website from.

To avoid any misunderstandings regarding your privacy, please make sure that you have read thoroughly and understood clearly all the rules mentioned in this privacy policy. If something remains unclear, please feel free to call us for more detailed explanation.

This privacy policy is valid at the time of writing. The Alessia Massage Parlour has the right to amend this policy without prior notice. All clients are advised to check this page for any possible changes. This privacy policy is effective from the date of publishing on massage parlour website.

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