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Tantra Massage London as philosophy and wisdom tradition


Literal translation of the word “Tantra” from Sanskrit would be continuity, connection, thread or base of the fabric. This is to emphasize the importance that tantric philosophy places on the experience of the reality, i.e. the recognition of its non-dual nature and common universal basis of all its aspects, as well as the acknowledging of the fact that all actions, happenings and events are arising from the ground of all being – Param Brahman, the supreme Deity.

While the life how we experience it daily has dual nature and struggle between opposites like good and evil, black and white, sacred and profane, the ultimate reality that is possible to experience in the state of deep meditation, during sacred sex or even plain spontaneously and unexpectedly, is the unity of opposites and transcendence of all apparent conflict between them. This level of reality is ineffable, and when tried to be described consists of seemingly self contradictory statements.

Tantra – origins, practices and beliefs Different world religions offer different means and practices to achieve this state of consciousness, and while normally these include various forms of austerity and self-denial, tantra takes diametrically opposite approach. It claims that every thing life has to offer could be the doorway to the spiritual realm. This is classical tantric philosophy – not only it uses sexual unity as a means for spiritual unity, but regards every mundane aspect of life as an opportunity for growth and self-expansion. Not denying the life and its pleasures, but using them for the higher goal – this approach of tantra gained its popularity nowadays as well as it did millennia ago, when it originated as a rebellion against strict practices of yoga.

The origins of tantra are in the ancient Vedic traditions and they are related to the cult of Great Mother Goddess as well. Tantra, as every other spiritual teaching, has several branches, but each of them regards women as the representation of Great Mother Goddess. The ability of the women to give birth to the new life is considered sacred.

The adherents of tantra regard it as a universal religion of all people, from which originated and evolved all other religions, a basic, fundamental philosophy different interpretations of which given at different times in history and in different places gave birth to all the variety of religious beliefs and practices around the world.

Male and female energies in tantra Tantra recognizes male and female energies as the basic fabric of the universe and their interplay, the divine game called Lila, as the creative power that allows constant creation, destruction and expansion of the universe in all its huge variety and sophisticated design.

In tantra sex is not a mere lustful corporeal act, but a ritual action aimed to achieve the unity with God through the unity with sexual partner. Sex and all things related to it bear huge amounts of energy – any lay person who never heard of tantra will agree with it. Tantric practices allow to use these energy resources not just for the purposes of short lived, momentary enjoyment, but to achieve greater goals of self-realization and personal growth.

Classical tantra and neo tantra Here is the difference between classical tantra and so-called neo-tantra – while the former emphasizes that sex is a means to the higher goal, in the latter sex is means to an end. Ignoring all the deep foundations of classical tantra, neo-tantra uses its sexual practices for the goals of self-indulgent erotic enjoyment, thus losing the very essence of the discipline. Neo tantra lacks all religious context and thus all depth and meaning of the classical tantra. We are not judging here if it is right or wrong, but just trying to discern between the two an outline larger possibilities and loftier goals of classical tantra.

The rewards of the practice Tantra affirms that micro and macrocosm are identical in its deepest essence and unity of male and female energies allow experiencing this statement first hand. The symbol of feminine in tantra is lotus flower, which symbolizes purity, beauty and perfection.

The characteristic feature of tantric techniques is their complex influence on the wide spectrum of manifestations of the human being. As the result of correct and dedicated tantric practices the adept of the discipline is able to feel the expansion of conscious functioning of the body and mind, causing profound perceptual shifts and undermining the customary beliefs about the nature of life, thus enriching the inner and outer lives of the person, enabling him or her to see wider, feel deeper and think freer.

As the result of successful practice, the disciple gains the opportunity to break free from personal conditioning and limiting beliefs, being able to experience him or herself as God or Goddess, which existence lies beyond the concepts of duality and which essence is one with the supreme creative principle of the universe.


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