Terms and conditions

Alessia 24/7

To be able to use our massage services, you must agree to the following term and conditions:

  • At all times you must respect the privacy of your massage therapist and her personal boundaries. No soliciting for the sexual service should ever take place.
  • No videos are to be recorded and no pictures are to be taken of the masseuse prior, after or during the massage session.
  • No personal contact details should ever be shared between you two.
  • No verbal or physical abuse should ever happen within the therapy session. Any serious case will be reported to the police immediately.
  • Rude or aggressive behavior will result in the immediate termination of the service without refund and in blacklisting your name and phone number. We reserve the right to share the details of the persistent abusers with other London massage or escort agencies.
  • You must ensure that your personal hygiene is in the good order and that you have washed before the massage session. If you are booking a prostate massage, please take a special care of the rectal area.
  • Please take care that your room temperature is comfortable for both you and your masseuse and adjust your climate control settings for the mutual convenience. You should have a set of clean towels in your bathroom to use for the massage session and for the showering needs of the masseuse.
  • You must be alone in your room during the massage, no friends or spectators are allowed – it is an intimate experience meant just for two.
  • You must refrain from the excessive use of alcohol or any other mind altering substance.
  • If you have any serious medical problem, you must inform the agency when booking the massage and your masseuse before the start of the massage session to avoid possible complications that might arise.
  • You must respect the time of your masseuse and let her leave your premises on time. If you wish to extend your booking, please notify the agency receptionist or your masseuse as soon as you feel firm in your intention.
  • You need to have the full amount of the service cost with you before the beginning of the session. No bargaining about the service cost should ever take place – our prices are final and not the subject to the discussion.
  • Any behavior that is not compliant with terms and conditions specified here may result in the interruption of service or our refusal to provide you with it.
  • If you are not sure whether something is allowed or not, please discuss it with the agency receptionist. In many cases compromise can be found, given your requests are realistic and not illicit.
  • You must be of the legal age and the services offered must not offend your moral or religious beliefs.
  • In short, respect and politeness from the moment of your call to the agency till the end of your massage session will allow avoiding any misunderstanding, conflict or problem situation. Thank you for being a gentleman.
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