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My name is Alessia and I am an adult qualified professional Thai massage therapist . I completed my Thai Massage ITEC Diploma Level 3 at the City and Islington college in London in 2010. While studding I was one of the best students of my group and have a passion for massage therapies. Since graduation I’ve been working as a therapist in one of London’s biggest Thai therapy chain where I had the chance to expand my skills to Thai massage. I am now looking forward to gain some new professional experience and I am confident that I can add value to your massage business. I am very customer focus and every one of my client’s if completely satisfied with my service. I am often told that I have a special touch. Please view what my clients have to say in the testimonials section.


I attained different massage courses since I am in London and i’m now professional masseuse in :

The ITEC diploma is a professional massage training certification which includes courses on anatomy, physiology and hands on Massage. The curriculum covered all aspects of massage, anatomy and physiology to a practitioner level. We covered in details human anatomy and physiology, then focused on holistic massage and finally on professional conduct and business awareness.

During my courses I had to complete numerous written home work and assignments. Along the course I proved myself to be really motivated and committed to learn as much as possible and gained a professional qualification. My ambition is to continue to study the different complimentary therapies and eventually focus on professional sport massage. Introduction to thai massage London The introduction to massage, anatomy and physiology course covers the basic body massage, contra-indications to massage, health and hygiene and taking a basic case history. This course revealed my passion for complimentary therapies and enabled me to go on to the ITEC professional training course the year after.

  • Holistic massage expertise
  • Deep Tissue techniques
  • Effleurage techniques
  • Petrissage techniques
  • Percussion techniques
  • Friction techniques
  • Vibration techniques
  • About Edyta Massage – Holistic massage expertise
  • Business expertise

These are the business skills I gained related to Thai massage London therapies. It includes:

  • Medical history and follow up
  • Good English communication skills
  • Good understanding of health and safety principles for massage therapist
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Professional and tidy appearance
  • Basic computer skills
  • Outgoing, confident and friendly personality
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